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Hi All,

First off I hope you all are staying and doing well through out this virus ordeal. I really miss seeing each of you and I am looking forward to brighter days ahead when we can resume our monthly meetings. I have a few things to pass along…


It looks like we will have to cancel our trip to the Hahn Horticulture Garden in May and just to be safe our June end of year luncheon will be cancelled as well. Even though the Governor will have hopefully lifted the Shelter in Place or Stay at Home order in June I think it is best to be extra cautious and hold off meeting again until our new year begins in September.
Speaking of our new year for MGC – Our annual membership dues and form are due in May. I have attached the form from Marty with all of the information. Please note the PO box mailing address for Mailing your check for $20. Please also fill out the form to let the Board members know which committees you would like to be on as well as which Months you would like to be a hostess. I am sad this year ended up as a wash but everyone’s health is the most important priority. We will hopefully have some really great planning over the summer for next year to make up for our loss this year 😊
I hope you all are out in your gardens playing in the dirt and enjoying the beautiful spring blooms! Feel free to send me any pictures and I can post them to the Moneta Garden Club Facebook page!!


As always please let me know if any of you need anything…I cant guarantee toilet paper but I have been able to fulfil my grocery list every few weeks and will be happy to deliver anything to your home!!!


Please Take Care and get those forms to Marty Asap!!

Thanks ,

Katheryn Pignatella, President








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